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Pisa was an ancient Roman harbour and a great Maritime Republic. Nowadays the territory of Pisa does not extend any more up to the sea, but you may still live its past in its monuments, rich in art and history.

Its narrow lanes flow into charming squares with colourful markets, noble lungarni with wonderful and aristocrat palaces, the glamorous Piazza dei Cavalieri and Piazza dei Miracoli – a complex that is one of the most famous in the world with the Duomo, the Camposanto (the monumental cemetery) and the legendary Leaning Tower, the symbol of the town.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the belfry of the Duomo. Its construction started in August 1173 and has been going on for about 200 years, keeping the primary project whose author is not known for sure.

During the past, it was believed that the leaning of the tower was made with intention but nowadays we know that it is not so.

The Tower was projected "standing up", then during its construction, it started leaning.

And since 1173, the Tower has always been cared with a special attention for its beauty and its leaning.

During its construction, special building schemes tried to contrast the leaning. Afterwards, many columns and other damaged parts were replaced; finally, nowadays the leaning has been faced acting through the soil to grant the Tower a long life.

In this long history of the Tower, there is a motif: the "genetic code" of the Tower: that is its continuous interaction with the soil where it is based.

Pisa, has not only a great amount of art treasures, but it is also a town with ancient cultural traditions. It is the home of Galileo, there is one of the most ancient and famous University in the world and moreover, in Pisa there are numerous exhibitions and events of outstanding value such as the Season of Music, the Luminara of San Ranieri and the great Historical Regatta.


Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany

Maremma farm holidays
Tuscany countryside accommodations
Tuscany countryside accommodations
Maremma farm holidays
Tuscany countryside accommodations
Tuscany countryside accommodations


Farmhouse accommodations in the heart of Tuscany, ideal for a family holiday in a real farm.


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