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Itineraries trekking and mountain bike

In the hills around the Agriturismo, rich of wide woods and breedings to the wild state, the Community Montana Hills Metallifere has organized and it maintains different "Itineraries ESCURSIONISTICI", practicable with trekking e/o mountain bike for a length of around Km 136,632 general. It also deals with connected paths among them and with the Communes of the zone. The itineraries are signalled in a map, with charts that point out the n. of the path and the percorribilità, that the Agriturismo makes in file pdf scaricabile for the one who was interested available. In the tourist paper escursionistica is brought the layouts of the paths with the length, their percorribilità, the equipped areas, the panoramic points etc.

For every Itinerary they have been in demand the technical cards. The Agriturismo offers the use of a place turned to small shop for the maintenance of the mountains bike to the impassioned clients of such activities.

List Itineraries:

1)– Le Piane, Castagnole, Scopine (IT 2 e 3); ml. 3.864 T, M, C 1a) - Le Piane (IT 1), P.gio Mandriacce, Cast. Rocchette (IT 17 e 20), La Ciocca, ml 2.929; T, M, C

2) Scopine (IT3), M Arsenti, Cava alla Rena; ml 2.883 T, M, C

3) Scopine (IT2), M Arsenti, Fornace, Montebamboli (IT 4); ml 8.537 T, M, C

4) Il Poggio (IT5), Pian del Sorbo, Vascugnano (IT22), Torr. Milia, Castello Tricasi, Monte bamboli (IT3) ml 5.107 T, M, C

5) Pod. Baracche (IT6), Prov.le Frassine, Poggio alle travi (IT 16 e 21), Botrostefano, Il Poggio (IT4); ml 4.843 T, M, C

6) Pod. Baracche (IT5), MRotondo, Bagnolo (IT6); ml 2.552 T. M. C

7) Bagnolo (IT6), Biancane, Acquapazza, Cagnesi (IT8), ml 7.900 T. M. C

8) Cagnesi (IT7), Macchia al fango, Torr. Pavone, Pod. Frasseta (IT9); ml 4.351 T

9) Pod. Frasseta (IT8), Torr. Pavone, Monte S. Croce, Pod. Filetto, Le Piane (IT 1 1a), ml 12.012 T,M,C 9a) Percorso didattico “Il bosco degli oggetti”, S. Giulio, Le Piane (IT9), ml 1.620

10) Pod. Frasseta (IT 8 e 9), Poggio Mutti, Pod. Romano (IT13); ml 3.379 T, M, C

11) Pod. Romano (IT 10), P.gio Coltelli, P.gio Ritrovoli (IT 2); ml 3.034 T

12) P.ggio Ritrovoli (IT11), Pod. Bruscola, Gerfalco; ml 5.176 T

13) Pod. Romano (IT10), Le Cornate (Area protetta); ml 2.341 T

14) Gerfalco (IT 12), P.ggio di Montieri Pratigiano, Canonica (IT 15), ml 5.343 T, M, C

15) Pratigiano (IT 14), P.gio di Montieri, Montieri; ml 4.629 T, M, C

16) Macchia al toro, Torr. Milia, Campo al Pino (IT5 e 6), Pod. Pozzo (IT19), P.ggio alle travi (IT 5 e 21) o Po. Baracche (IT 5 e 6); ml 6.054 T, M, C

17) Macchia al Toro (IT16 e 18), Cast. Rocchette (IT1a e 20), Vetrice; T

18) Macchia al Toro (IT 16 e 17), Serra Paganico, Poggio ai Buoi, Rio Piasrello, Pod. Cipolleri,Pod. Sugherino; ml 10.223 T, M, C

19) Pod. Pozzo (IT16), M Rotondo Impianti sportivi; ml 2.232 T, M, C

20) La Ciocca, Pod. Castello, Cast. Cugnano (IT 1a e 17), Cast. Rocchette; ml 3.786 T, C

21) Poggio alle Travi (IT 5 e 16), Fatt. S.Regolo, Bagno del Re, Frassine (IT22); ml 6.831 T, M, C,

22) Frassine (IT21), Costa Cartolinaia, Torr. Milia (IT4), Pod. Vascugnano; ml 9.519 T, M, C T = Trekking, M = Mountan Bike


Itineraries trekking and mountain bike


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